Air Relax Compression Recovery

The Air Relax Compression Recovery Plus System has landed at All Sports Performance Massage!

The Air Relax Plus System is an air compression device with multiple chambers that compress in succession. It increases blood flow through your muscles which has been shown to aid sports recovery, to help you with peak performance. Recover faster, increase circulation, reduce muscle soreness, fatigue and inflammation. Be the best athlete you can be with the ultimate recovery tool in sport!

Book a session to try the Air Relax System TODAY or combine a sports/remedial massage session with an add-on Air Relax session!


Prices for Air Relax session

1 x 30min Session – $40
1 x 60min Session – $60

Pre-paid packages
3 x 30min Sessions – $100
3 x 60min Sessions – $150

5 x 30min Sessions – $160
5 x 60min Sessions – $240

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